Meows in Clouds

Branding . Web design . Product design . Illustration

Meows in Clouds is a personal fashion brand of mine, I've worked on branding, building the website, graphic design, illustration, product design and marketing.

Logo design

Funny and cute, these were the main words I wanted the brand to express. I wanted to have something that is cute and doesn't look corporate, so customers could connect to it easily. I've started by sketching the logo with a focus on calligraphy but that still didn't fit the the impression I wanted the logo to give. So finally I've decided to have it mostly illustrated.
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Magnetic stars

A Magnetar according to Wikipedia is a star believed to have an extremely powerful magnetic field, and just like those stars but infinitely much much smaller, highly influential business people have a gravitational field around them. Paperjam Club wanted to express that these Top 100 are like magnets. My mission was to create and represent that concept through motion, and going with magnetic stars grouping to create forms was the most suitable solution.
For the motion direction I went with, Illustration was essential.
Early test of the face formation animation.
A video loop showcasing the Top 100, that was played before the start of the event.
For the selected winners I had to make a video for each for when they get called on stage.
The event teaser.

Logo reveal

The idea of the logo intro was to make a transition from a 2D flat screen into the a futuristic virtual world. Since it should pull the audience in and start of the event.

Environmental visualization

I was asked to visualize the idea of having neon lights inside the building where the event would take a place in.
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Web design

A minimalist clean design with a touch of two playful and vivid colors was the best option for the website, so the products could shine and stand out.

Products & illustration

The cat niche is pretty huge and hard to compete with, so the designs had to be cross-niche focused. which allowed me to go balls-out with the illustrations and designs.
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