How do your customers percept your business? Branding is absolutely crucial to express the feeling and value in a cohesive manner, so it inspires and resonates with your customers.

Logo design

I explore as many options as I can for the logo design, sketching many different ideas and directions that are backed by brand research, in order to end up with a fully refined logo that symbolizes the heart of your brand.

Brand guidlines

Along side the logo, I offer a guide book that demonstrates to you how to use the brand, this's to ensure that the brand is being represented in a consistent manner that respects the art direction of brand.

Naming & messaging

To complete developing your brand persona, its language needs to be established, what impressions do you want people to get out of your brand? what kind of feelings do you want them have? all of that should be defined.

Brand Collateral

Business cards, posters, envelopes, and whatever other things your brand may need, this helps your brand get its colors and voice out and ready for the marketing.

Environmental Design

Brands should also be felt and experienced, here we move your brand to the real world and get it ready to be absorbed.
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