Storytelling through motion design is inspiring. it takes your story to the next level with a limitless amount of possibilities.

Script Development

Every story needs a clear refined script. If you have a script prepared or you wanna rewrite from scratch I can help you with that.


Because animation is a pretty lengthy process, a clear well defined storyboard has to be drawn before animating any frame. This's will guide and determine every scene of the motion video.

Voice over

Preferably as well, if a voice over is needed for the motion video then the audio needs to be recorded before the animation. I collaborate with professional voice actors to achieve the best result possible.

Motion Graphics & Animation

The biggest amount of time spent will be here, depending on the script and what you wanna convey the animation style might differ as well, and each style requires a different amount of time to finish.

Live-action Production

If live-action filming is needed for the project, then I've got you covered for that as well.
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